Chronic Physical Health Problems

Updated: July 23, 2022

Chronic physical health problems are long-lasting medical conditions, like diabetes or heart disease. They affect mental and emotional health, often causing anxiety, depression, and a reduced quality of life. Because of the mind-body connection, the emotional toll of managing such conditions, as well as (in some cases), the pain, can worsen symptoms, further impacting well-being.

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What Are Chronic Physical Health Problems?

Chronic physical health problems include persistent medical conditions that endure over an extended period, such as diabetes, chronic pain, or heart disease. These conditions often require ongoing management, lifestyle adjustments, and medical care. Yet their impact extends beyond physical health, intertwining deeply with mental and emotional well-being.


There is a deep connection between chronic physical health problems and mental and emotional health. Dealing with these conditions can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression as individuals grapple with the challenges of managing their health, potential limitations, and concerns about the future. Emotional well-being can be further compromised as symptoms of the physical condition often have a direct impact on mood, energy levels, and self-esteem. Therapy can help individuals develop coping strategies, address emotional challenges, and foster resilience, ultimately improving their overall quality of life while managing their chronic health conditions.


What Are The Symptoms?

Cognitive Changes

Memory problems, confusion, or difficulty concentrating can be symptoms for certain conditions.


Physical illness can create prolonged feelings of sadness or hopelessness related to the health condition.


Some people can socially withdraw because of physical limitations or discomfort.

Mood Changes

There is an increased risk of depression or anxiety due to the challenges of many physical problems.

Sleep Disturbances

Insomnia or disrupted sleep patterns can be a part of the problem for some illnesses.

Stress and Anxiety

Some people worry about the condition’s progression or its impact on daily life.

What Cause Chronic Physical Health Problems?

Genetics: Some individuals may be genetically predisposed to certain chronic conditions, increasing their risk.

Environmental Factors: Exposure to environmental toxins, pollutants, or hazardous substances can contribute to the development of certain health problems.

Lifestyle Choices: Unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking, poor diet, lack of or excessive physical activity, and excessive alcohol consumption can lead to illness or injury.

Infectious Agents: Infections, such as viral hepatitis or HIV, can lead to chronic conditions if left untreated.

Aging: Many chronic conditions are more common in older adults due to the natural aging process.

Autoimmune Disorders: Autoimmune conditions occur when the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy cells and tissues, leading to chronic inflammation and damage.

Injuries: Traumatic injuries or accidents can result in chronic pain or health issues.

Hormonal Imbalances: Hormonal changes or imbalances can lead to conditions like thyroid disorders or hormonal cancers.

Stress: Chronic stress can weaken the immune system and contribute to a range of health problems.

Family History: A family history of certain conditions can increase an individual’s risk.

Diet and Nutrition: Poor dietary choices can lead to conditions like obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Occupational Hazards: Exposure to occupational hazards, such as asbestos or radiation, can lead to chronic health problems, including cancer.

Medication or Substance Abuse: Certain medications or substance abuse can result in chronic health issues, including liver damage or lung disease.

How Phinity Therapy Can Help

Assessment: We begin with a comprehensive assessment of your life, the nature of your chronic condition, and the psychological and emotional impact.

Psychoeducation: We will provide information about the way physical and mental health are connected and also aim to learn about how your particular condition impacts you psychologically, emotionally, and mentally.

Coping Strategies: We work with clients to develop effective coping strategies for managing their emotional responses to their physical condition. This includes reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

Emotional Support: You will receive emotional support, validation, and a safe space to express your feelings and concerns.

Mindfulness and Stress Reduction: We can teach mindfulness techniques and stress reduction methods to help individuals manage physical symptoms and emotional stress.

Goal Setting: Collaboratively we will set achievable goals related to emotional wellbeing, self care, and lifestyle changes.

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT): You can learn to implement CBT to challenge negative thought patterns, reduce anxiety and depression, and promote resilience.

Communication Skills: We can assist our clients in improving communication with their healthcare providers, family, and friends to foster understanding and support.

Lifestyle Modification: We can offer guidance on healthy lifestyle changes, including diet, exercise, and sleep, to help manage the condition and improve overall wellbeing.

Pain Management: We can provide strategies for managing chronic pain, including relaxation techniques and non-pharmacological interventions.

Grief and Loss Counselling: You can address feelings of loss and grief that may accompany living with a chronic condition.

Positive Psychology: Some clients find it helpful to incorporate positive psychology techniques to focus on strengths and resilience.

Medication and Treatment Adherence: We can also support you in understanding and adhering to your prescribed medical treatments and medications.

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2 weeks ago
I've always been hesitant about therapy, but Phinity changed my perspective entirely. From the moment I walked in, I felt welcomed and understood. The therapists are so easy to talk to and have a knack for making you feel seen and heard. Their approach is truly holistic, addressing both my mental and emotional well-being. I couldn't be happier with my experience. Five stars all around.
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3 weeks ago
Phinity Therapy has been a game-changer for me. The personalized care and compassion I received were exactly what I needed. The environment is so calming. They really made me feel heard and supported. I can't recommend them highly enough. Five out of five stars without a doubt.
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6 months ago
Highly recommend for therapy. Life-changing experience!
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6 months ago
Professional, empathetic, and effective therapy.
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James M
8 months ago
I can't thank Phinity Therapy enough for their support and expertise.
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A a
10 months ago
Thanks Rehanna, I feel the best I've felt in YEARS and I've had a few therapists before so that's a credit to you.
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R t
11 months ago
Really grateful for Rehanna's help, and for listening to me, it's really helped.
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J s
1 year ago
Thank you, I feel progress after every session.
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Odessa i
1 year ago
I just want to thank you for helping me to feel again. I numbed myself with medication for so long, I forgot how clear my mind could feel without it and I have been able to feel the good feelings again now too, I feel motivated, something that has been missing for years, I really didn't think I'd ever feel this way again. Thank you so much Rehanna.
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1 year ago
It felt like these sessions were all I had to help me through a really difficult time at work. I honestly don't know how I would have managed without your help and support. I have my family and friends but it's just not the same, I needed a place where it felt safe to be completely open and feel my vulnerability, and you gave me that. Thank you Rehanna.
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