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Discover the power of our complimentary consultation, a dedicated call designed to understand your therapeutic needs. Together, we will explore a range of psychological approaches tailored to your specific goals, ensuring we connect you with the ideal practitioner who can provide the best support on your personal journey.

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Tailored Services: It’s What We Do

We realise each of us is unique which is why we offer a range of psychological therapies, and personal coaching services for all kinds of mental health concerns, and for personal development.  From the more practical modalities like CBT, and EMDR, to the more deep diving approaches like Existentialism and Psychoanalysis, which provide greater awareness about the self, and unhelpful patterns.


We also take account of the brain science, which is why we offer brain optimising nutrition & supplement plans based on the latest research.  This means you make the most of Your Time, Your Energy, and Your Resources, as you work through therapy.


Our aim is simple: to see you grow toward vitality and joy, and enjoy a purposeful, fulfilled, prosperous life, so you are feeling accomplished, healthy, and that you are progressing.


In the video below, our founder, Rehanna, briefly discusses the need for variation in therapeutic services, for individualised care.  She also highlights the seemingly subtle distinctions between different mental health professionals.  And how at Phinity, we tailor our services to you and your needs, for optimal care and outcomes.

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