There are many reasons why people require mental health services. Perhaps to manage a ‘disorder’, or because of a recent life stressor or a historical issue that has developed into a problem that bothers you now. On this page you can read about all kinds of psychological issues, whether you are seeking support for managing stress, coping with life transitions, or addressing deeper emotional issues, we are here to guide you.

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Caring: It’s What We Do

We have years’ of experience successfully treating a wide variety of conditions and disorders. Our practitioners have worked in many settings ranging from specialist charity organisations, the NHS, and private practice. We work holistically, taking account of the interplay between the brain, mind, emotional, and psychological selves, and how these impact behaviour, lifestyle, relationships, and wellbeing.


Our specially designed brain optimising nutrition and supplement plans enhance overall wellbeing. Clients who have taken this completely optional and free complement, have reported improvement when compared to traditional linear therapeutic approaches experienced elsewhere, in some cases even weight loss due to a reduction in comfort eating or drinking.  This is no surprise since brain science indicates that what we do and how we feel is closely intertwined with the production and release of ‘feel good’ and ‘stress’ hormones.


Please see the list below for more information about specialist areas that Phinity work with. If there is something you would like to discuss that is not included, please speak with us.


In this video, Founder Rehanna highlights some common types of mental health issues and conditions and how therapy can help.

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