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Welcome to our private therapy clinic located in the vibrant city of Birmingham! As a leading provider of therapy services, we are committed to delivering top-notch care to support individuals in conquering obstacles and enhancing their mental well-being. Our experienced team of therapists are here to guide you on your journey towards personal growth and a healthier mind.


Our central location ensures easy accessibility for clients coming from various parts of the city and surrounding areas. This makes it more convenient for individuals who wish to seek our therapy services, reducing travel time and barriers to accessing care.


Phinity Therapy clinic in BirminghamPhinity Therapy Birmingham

Private Therapy Clinic In Birmingham

Located in the vibrant city of Birmingham, our clinic offers a welcoming and comfortable environment where you can feel at ease throughout your therapy sessions. Sessions take place in a Grade II listed building. This is no coincidence, everything we do at Phinity Therapy is thought through, with our clients in mind. For instance, our Freud room offers the ‘couch’, which means you can lie down and close your eyes (if you want) which helps some people feel relaxed and bring forth thoughts and insights.


Our team of experienced and compassionate therapists offers a wide range of therapeutic approaches to cater to the unique needs of each client. Whether you’re seeking individual counselling, couples therapy, family therapy, or any other form of mental health support, we’re here to guide you on your journey to healing and personal growth.


Embark on the journey to a happier and healthier life by contacting us today. We are excited to accompany you on your path to wellness and provide the support you need.

Our Birmingham Location

Phinity Therapy - Psychotherapy Counselling Birmingham
95 Hagley Rd, Birmingham B16 8LA, UK
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Personal Connection

In-person therapy allows for a deeper sense of connection between the therapist and the client. Being physically present in the same space enables nonverbal cues and subtle nuances to be more easily observed and understood, enhancing the therapeutic relationship

Immediate Feedback

In-person therapy facilitates real-time feedback and responses. Therapists can provide immediate support, ask clarifying questions, and guide clients through challenging moments, leading to more dynamic and interactive sessions

Enhanced Emotional Support

Being in the physical presence of a therapist can create a stronger sense of emotional support and reassurance. The comfort of having someone empathetically present can be particularly valuable during moments of vulnerability or distress

Nonverbal Communication

Engaging in face-to-face therapy enables the interpretation of nonverbal cues like body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice. These cues offer valuable insights, fostering a deeper understanding and enhancing the effectiveness of the therapeutic journey

How It Works

Feel free to give us a call on +44121 295 7373 (or conveniently book online) and let us know the challenges you’re facing. Our team is here to lend a listening ear and provide guidance, tailored to your specific needs.

After exploring your concerns and goals, we’ll carefully select a therapist who is a good fit for you. We want to ensure that you feel comfortable and empowered in your therapeutic journey.

At your first session, also known as the Initial Assessment, you can delve deeper into your current challenges and goals for therapy. Your therapist will use this to create a personalised treatment plan, with you.

Clients' Common Questions

What You Get At Phinity

At Phinity, we possess a profound understanding and appreciation for the complexities of human psychology and the significance of compassionate care. Each step we take is deliberately customized to meet your unique requirements. It is our commitment to provide you with nurturing support through our exceptional healthcare services

The Highest Quality Therapists


Our Commitment To Exceptional Quality Reflects In Our Training, Accreditation, & Extensive Professional Background

Carefully Tailored Therapy

Our Approach Is Dedicated To Providing A Personalised Experience That Is Carefully Customised To Address Your Unique Needs & Circumstances


Best Treatment Outcomes

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5 months ago
Highly recommend for therapy. Life-changing experience!
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5 months ago
Professional, empathetic, and effective therapy.
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James M
7 months ago
I can't thank Phinity Therapy enough for their support and expertise.
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A a
9 months ago
Thanks Rehanna, I feel the best I've felt in YEARS and I've had a few therapists before so that's a credit to you.
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R t
10 months ago
Really grateful for Rehanna's help, and for listening to me, it's really helped.
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J s
11 months ago
Thank you, I feel progress after every session.
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Odessa i
11 months ago
I just want to thank you for helping me to feel again. I numbed myself with medication for so long, I forgot how clear my mind could feel without it and I have been able to feel the good feelings again now too, I feel motivated, something that has been missing for years, I really didn't think I'd ever feel this way again. Thank you so much Rehanna.
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1 year ago
It felt like these sessions were all I had to help me through a really difficult time at work. I honestly don't know how I would have managed without your help and support. I have my family and friends but it's just not the same, I needed a place where it felt safe to be completely open and feel my vulnerability, and you gave me that. Thank you Rehanna.
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Liam E
1 year ago
Great location, easy to access which made it convenient to get therapy during my lunch hour
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Sonia P
1 year ago
Sometimes I wonder what we're going to talk about when nothing has happened in the week but we always seems to go somewhere useful and I leave feeling better. I am dreading the last session next week but you are right, it's an end and a new beginning.
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Accreditation And Quality Assurance

We take pride in our accreditation, which showcases our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional care. Through our comprehensive quality assurance program, we conduct regular client record reviews, gather client feedback, ensure therapist supervision, and stay updated with the latest research and practices. Our commitment to accreditation and quality assurance ensures consistently high levels of client satisfaction.

BPS British Psychological Society
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