Child Psychologist Service

As with adults, sometimes children struggle with their mental health and as any good parent would do, trying to understand your child and contain their disturbances by yourself will be challenging without expert insights.


A child psychologist may be able to help your child process and understand their difficulties, and better manage how they feel.

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At Phinity we understand that all children experience their lives differently. We seek to get to know your child and their difficulties, as experienced by them. This means our approach is individualised and tailored to your child and their needs.


Sometimes our child psychologist may invite you and other family members to a session if appropriate. We work with children of all ages and aim to understand what has caused the issues that your child is experiencing, and how we might best work with them to process, understand, and accept their feelings as valid.


We offer a nurturing and healing space, one in which your child can feel safe. Through the therapeutic process, your child can learn how to better regulate their feelings, become more confident, and experience improved relationships. Our therapists work in various ways, from play therapy, to family therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and parental guidance.


For consistency and maximum benefit, we recommend weekly sessions, which take place at the same day and time, and last 50 minutes.

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We are proud to connect you with highly experienced practitioners who can help with almost any psychological issue.

What You Get At Phinity

Our specialised culture lives and breathes human psychology & care.


We do everything thoughtfully, with you in mind.


Which is why at Phinity you get Hands with Heart care.