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A great relationship should feel like a sanctuary, and it’s a wonderful experience when couples are attuned.  But of course, intimate relationships are susceptible to problems.  Therapy can help work through issues and conflict to restore connection, for a better future.

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What Is Couples Counselling?

Couples counselling (also therapy) is different in that it is not individual to one person; it is about counselling the dynamic that currently exists between people.  Modern day stressors, distractions and a lack of psychoeducation produce challenges for many couples, who find it difficult to successfully repair the normal difficulties and challenges that many couples go through, making the relationship feel extremely fragile.


Couples counselling is not just needed when things get really bad, it can help before that even happens.  Because sometimes what start as small issues, can grow and begin to drive a wedge between you and your partner, causing feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety, insecurity, anguish, jealousy, fear, resentment, hate, or hopelessness.  By this point counselling might seem like the last resort and may feel somewhat hopeless.


Couple work is aimed at helping you and your partner identify your dysfunctional patterns, and learn how to best navigate situations and interactions in healthier ways, such that you will learn how to relate to one another in ways that build and restore the relationship, rather than harm it.

About Couples Counselling At Phinity Therapy

Our relationship counsellors offer a safe, supportive, non-judgmental, and caring space to help you find your way through the difficulties you and your partner are facing. They do this by listening to each of you and attempting to understand each person’s position.


In so doing, together with you, we will clearly identify what the current problems are and once identified, we will work collaboratively with you both to agree goals. These may not be the same for both partners, but it is helpful to agree a general focus for therapy, even if we have more than one goal.


The issue(s) and goal(s) inform the ‘treatment plan’. What normally follows is a sequence of sessions where together, we explore the problems more deeply, including how they impact the relationship, as well as what might need to change to help restore it (for example, understanding, new ways of relating, and specific tools and techniques).


Sessions can be between 6 and 12, at time more, depending on what the issues are and how long they have been going on.  Complexity is explored and unpacked, helping to identify established unhealthy behavioural patterns.  The work aims to replace vicious cycles with healthier ones.


We recommend that the first session be a longer one (75 minutes) than the usual session length of 50 minutes, or that you each have an individual 50 minute session.  This helps the course of therapy as we can get to know you individually and understand your individual perspective in greater detail before progressing to joint couple work.


Weekly therapy sessions of 50 minutes are the norm, but again, this is optional and depends on the issues and goals. For example, you may be seeking help for longer term deeper issues, or you may simply be experiencing a difficult time in the relationship.  Thus, session frequency and duration vary from couple to couple.


As with any therapy, it is hard work and requires the maximum commitment and engagement of both partners.  Sometimes couple therapy can reveal that separation is the best outcome, which one partner may not want.  If this happens, we will be here to guide you through the separation and grief process, and attempt to help you support one another.

Benefits Of Couples Counselling
  • A place where you can feel safe and open with one another.  For many couples, it is the only place they feel safe enough to be open.  We will help you to translate this way of relating to your lives outside of therapy, where you exist the majority of the time.


  • Heal and repair the relationship from long sustained damage, or an acute and harmful event.  Harmful life events do not have to be as damaging as they can become, we can help you get ‘unstuck’ and minimise the harm, toward healing.


  • Learn how to communicate effectively with one another so that you can get the best out of each other.  It is about learning one another’s communication and attachment styles.  You may currently be speaking different languages, let us help you learn one another’s.


  • Discover a potentially new way of being with one another, and in the process learn more about yourself and your partner’s needs.  Self-awareness, and awareness of the other’s needs is knowledge, which is incredibly powerful, and useful for a successful partnership.


  • Create the kind of relationship foundation you want and build from it together.  Your relationship should be your sanctuary, from which you can draw support and vitality.  If your home base is sub-optimal, everything that stems from it will be as well.


  • Help buffer you from life’s storms and support you to achieve your goals in life.  A healthy relationship means you can go to your partner with your troubles and be supported, or be encouraged toward your individual and joint goals, to improve life prospects.


  • Learn how to relate effectively with one another.  The way you relate and interact with one another has wider implications; for your mood and wellbeing, your success as a couple, and your future as a partnership.


  • Restore connection.  Many couples become distant and detached over time, the connection starts to cut out, but we need to feel connected emotionally to feel safe and bonded.


  • Discover exciting new ventures together.  When you enter into couples therapy, you can rediscover one another again, and this can help you realise what you’ve been missing.  After this, there is no limit to the things you can rediscover together, or discover together for the first time.


What Issues Can Couples Counselling Help With?

Couples therapy can help partners with many issues.  For example to learn how to communicate more effectively, to rebuild trust, learn how to understand and support one another, and work through practical problems as well.


You may be feeling disconnected emotionally, or sexually.  Whether the issue is relational, emotional, sexual, or all of these, couples counselling can help you to better understand and support one another and the relationship.


This can improve your experience of the relationship, and your individual mental and emotional health and wellbeing as well.  Read our page about relationship issues, to learn more about the kinds of things couples therapy can help with.

Does Phinity Provide Couples Therapy Near Me?

We offer couples therapy in Birmingham. Phinity Therapy also serve other cities and countries through our network of qualified therapists.  Online therapy is also available, catering for those who cannot reach our clinic or have busy schedules.


Make a commitment to taking control and living the life you want and deserve. Start by booking your Free Initial Consultation Today and speak to one of our friendly principal therapists about your concerns and desired goals.


You can alternatively fill in our contact form located on our About Us page, or give us a call.


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