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A great relationship can be a pillar of strength, a safety net, it can be a rich, unique & truly a wonderful experience when those involved are attuned to one another.


At some point or another it is normal to experience relationship problems; this is truer when it comes to our most intimate relationships. Couples therapy can help you to work through difficulties, disagreements, and conflict, to build and restore your connection for a better future together.

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Couples counselling (also therapy) is different in that it is not individual to one person; it is about counselling the dynamic that currently exists between people.


Modern day stresses, distractions and lack of psychoeducation continues to produce challenges for many couples to successfully repair their relationship. They often experience difficulties and challenges, which are normal, however sometimes the relationship can feel extremely fragile.


Couples counselling is not just for when things get really bad, it can help before that even happens because sometimes what start as small issues, can grow, and begin to drive a wedge between you and your partner, causing feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety, insecurity, anguish, jealousy, fear, resentment, hate, and/or hopelessness. By this point counselling might seem like the last resort and hope.


Couple work is aimed at helping you and your partner to identify your discord and dysfunctional patterns, and to learn how to best navigate situations and interactions in healthier ways, such that you and your partner will learn how to relate to one another in ways that build and restore the relationship.

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