Wellbeing And Lifestyle Assessment

Modern living is busy. We feel stretched and drained, as we neglect ourselves and run on empty toward burnout.  This impacts physically, emotionally, and mentally.  We lose confidence, esteem, feel more anxious and vulnerable, and immunity suffers, opening us up to physical illness, and a decline in overall wellbeing and life-satisfaction.  A Wellbeing and Lifestyle Assessment might be just what is needed to help you refocus.

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What Is A Wellbeing & Lifestyle Assessment?

A Wellbeing and Lifestyle Assessment is exactly as it seems.  It’s more akin to coaching than psychotherapy and aims to help individuals identify areas in their lives that might be improved.  Improvements will have a rippling effect on wellbeing.  Every year we get an MOT, that is, an annual check-up for our vehicles.  This ensures that our cars are roadworthy and safe.


Some people get annual medicals in the hopes of a clean bill of health.  And yet many individuals’ wellbeing suffers because of lifestyles that in some way aren’t serving them.  They continue to live in the day-to-day, without stepping back and doing a ‘lifestyle MOT’.  Upon reflection, this seems astonishing, but unfortunately it’s become the norm as societies change and people are sucked into modern living.  But, it doesn’t have to be this way.


A Wellbeing and Lifestyle Assessment can appraise your current wellbeing and identify the areas in your life that may need to change for you to thrive, not just survive. It’s useful for people at all levels of success, you may just want to make some tweaks for more optimised living, rather than be at burnout.  You may have even already identified goals, for which a Wellbeing and Lifestyle Assessment will help further clarify them, and identify obstacles, and devise strategies to overcome each obstacle in a systematic and specific way.

About Wellbeing And Lifestyle Assessments At Phinity Therapy

Our therapists are personable, approachable, friendly, helpful, enthusiastic, empathic, resourceful, and have developed a wonderful way of working with individuals from all walks of life, and backgrounds. They each hold qualifications in either coaching, wellbeing, or psychology.  They are experienced in helping clients understand what is holding them back from achieving their goals, whether these are emotional or mental blocks, or practical ones.


This approach is not strictly focused on emotional healing or mental health support, it is more directive and helps identify, set, achieve, and even exceed goals.  Nonetheless, if your obstruction(s) to wellbeing relate to mental health, these can be worked on therapeutically if you opt to work with your therapist in this way.  Whatever the case, our therapists will provide guidance and support in several life areas and help you learn how to move toward the life you want.


With us, you can be sure that any personal or business goal will be worked with in a realistic and attainable way. We will always tailor our sessions to your needs and goals, which will be modified along the way, as you achieve the smaller goals, toward the overall one.


We recommend weekly sessions which are 50-minutes, at the same time and day every week.  Some people benefit from multiple sessions per week.  Depending on your goals and motivation level, you may require just a couple of sessions, or for more intensive support, more (anywhere between 2 – 44 sessions).

Benefits Of Wellbeing And Lifestyle Assessment


  • Remove obstacles that are detrimental to your wellbeing and life-satisfaction



  • Gain high levels of motivation


  • Increase your energy levels


  • Condition your mind for success


  • Develop real self-confidence



  • Break through career, wealth, and all kinds of plateaus



  • Structured and creative at the same time
What Issues Can A Wellbeing & Lifestyle Assessment Help With?

A Wellbeing and Lifestyle Assessment can help identify obstructions and goals relating to almost any issue that is causing you to feel dissatisfied in life, and therefore impacting your wellbeing.  If motivation is high, you can improve lifestyle and overall wellbeing, with the guidance and support of your therapist.

Does Phinity Therapy Provide Wellbeing And Lifestyle Assessment Near Me?

We offer Wellbeing And Lifestyle Assessment in Birmingham. Phinity Therapy also serve other cities and countries through our network of qualified therapists.  Online therapy is also available, catering for those who cannot reach our clinic or have busy schedules.


Make a commitment to taking control and living the life you want and deserve. Start by booking your Free Initial Consultation Today and speak to one of our friendly principal therapists about your concerns and desired goals.


You can alternatively fill in our contact form located on our About Us page, or give us a call.


*Due to limited time slot availability caused by high demand, we now offer only one Free Initial Consultation for prospective clients, further conversations are charged at our normal rate.

Mental Health Issues

We are proud to connect you with highly experienced practitioners who can help with almost any psychological issue.


Addiction is very common and there are various reasons that people become addicted to things.  Addiction can be chemical, for instance alcohol addiction.  Or it can be psychological and behavioural, for example shopping-addiction, internet-addiction, or porn-addiction.  In fact, people can become addicted to almost anything.  But help is available.

Apathy & Anhedonia

Apathy and anhedonia are often symptoms of other mental health problems, such as depression.  Apathy is thought to be an issue of motivation.   Anhedonia is the inability to experience pleasure.  The two are often experienced together.  Learn more about them here.

Binge Eating Disorder (BED)
Childhood Trauma

You might have experienced events in childhood that were disturbing and deeply distressing, causing you to feel helpless and unsafe.  These events can be traumatic, impacting a person’s sense of self and their ability to experience a full range of emotions.  This trauma may remain unprocessed, impacting adult life.  But there are ways to work through childhood trauma.


Life is challenging, so it’s normal to feel low at times.  If however, you’re feeling sad, apathetic, and hopeless for a prolonged period, you may be depressed, and this impacts functioning.  And although depression is a natural response to difficulties, it can be treated.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress which is experienced by everyone at some time or another.  However when anxiety becomes frequent and intense, this might be indicative of generalised anxiety disorder (GAD).  If this sounds like you, read on to learn more.


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