Rehanna is an integrative psychologist who specialises in humanistic, psychodynamic, and cognitive behavioural therapies. Because of the breadth of her training, she is able to tailor her work to your individual needs. Tell me your story so we may work together to influence its direction. But before you decide to book a free 15 minute consultation, please review the breadth and depth of my training and experience.

I am the Founder and Clinical Director of Phinity Therapy, featured mental health blog author, and podcast guest speaker. I am qualified in Psychology and Counselling Psychology and possess several years' clinical experience in the NHS, charity sector, and private practice. I currently work with individuals and couples experiencing a range of issues, and what are known to some as psychiatric disorders.

I am a highly ethical practitioner, holding memberships with, and guided by the ethics of the BPS (British Psychological Society), BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy), and SEA (Society for Existential Analysis).

I respect diversity, having worked with individuals of varying backgrounds, ages, cultures, and complexity. My approach is philosophically pluralistic so I keep a very open mind. In this way, I work with you, aiming to understand how you wish to work, and offering recommendations and guidance so we can collaboratively create a treatment plan that is individualised to you, and your needs and goals.

I am also integrative, this means I am trained in various psychological approaches and can use my expertise to integrate what works well for you based on your therapeutic needs.

Another important aspect of my practice is the therapeutic relationship. The research shows that the relationship between us can be just as, and possibly even more important than the therapeutic approach(s) we use. This is not a surprise when we consider that we are always in relation with others. It is with this intention I have often observed success with my clients.

I will attempt to facilitate a relationship of trust, such that you will not feel misjudged, and will feel my genuine empathy. This is a unique space in which you will feel heard, held, and safe. It is here that I hope to facilitate open and honest dialogue, so we may explore your concerns, anxieties, pain, trauma, or sadness, and uncover issues you might normally avoid because they feel threatening. This safe confrontation will allow you to learn how to process your challenges in a helpful way which is incredibly powerful, changing how you relate to yourself, others, and your world, thereby offering movement toward healing, growth,

With me, you are entering into a relationship with the kind of practitioner who is incredibly passionate about continual development, keeping in touch with the latest research and ideas so I can do my best to help you develop in ways that best serve you. And so, I hope to encourage your actualisation, your movement toward the version of you that you can, want, and deserve to be. You can be assured I will competently guide you toward your desired outcome.

Book now for a free 15-minute consultation with no obligation to continue. If you decide you would like to work together, sessions are usually on a weekly basis and last 50 minutes.

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