Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA)

Applied Behavior Analysis is an interpersonal therapeutic approach which takes a systematic and scientific approach to understanding behaviour.


‘Behaviour’ is understood to be skills and actions we use to communicate, play, and live.


ABA is guided by a set of theories that pays attention to how the environment can impact behaviour, how consequences for behaviour can strengthen or weaken them, leading to change, and how learning happens.

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ABA therapy, otherwise known as behaviour analysis is often recommended for children that have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder as it is intended to aid the development of social and emotional skills in children on the spectrum.


ABA offers children interventions based in learning theory to help build their social abilities. They can achieve improved communication, the ability to complete tasks, new skills like self-control and self-regulation, to transfer learned behaviours to new settings, and decrease adverse behaviours like self-harm.

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