Brain Health

The brain is a wonderful and complex organ.  And the human brain is the epitome of its potential.  But sometimes we live in ways that do not serve us, impacting brain functioning, and therefore, life, in lots of ways.

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What Is Brain Health?

The human brain is the most intricate and complex organ there is.  It’s the body’s control centre and affects every part of life. So it follows that for optimum life prospects, brain health and functioning must be increased.


Brain health itself relates to how our brains function across many domains. For example, motor and sensory function, cognition, and social, emotional, and behavioural domains. Indeed, whether disorders are present or absent, if good brain functioning is realised, life potential, and therefore prospects, are improved.


Our experience of the social environment, physical health, close attachments and relationships, as well as the services we have access to, all influence brain development.  This impacts how we respond and adapt to stress and hardship, and the kinds of strategies we might use in situations that can affect the life course.


Therefore, optimisation of brain health is necessary. By nurturing brain health, we enhance not only our physical, mental, and emotional health, but we can also create feedback loops. That is, we think, feel, and act in ways that have positive impact on social and economic aspects of life, which in turn boost overall well-being.

What Are The Symptoms?
There Are Numerous Indicators For Sub-optimal Brain Health:

Impact to any of the brain’s processes and functions might be a sign of sub-optimal brain health.  For example if any of the following are detrimentally affected:


  • Concentration
  • Clarity
  • Sleep
  • Energy levels
  • Hormone levels
  • Memory
  • Learning
  • Reasoning and judgement
  • Emotional resilience
  • Mental & psychological health
  • Physical health & ability (for example, fatigue or migraines)
  • Behaviour
What Causes Sub-optimal Brain Health?

As sure as there are many signs of sub-optimal brain health, there are just as many possible causes.  This highlights the complexity of the brain, and its needs.


Some factors include:


  • Suboptimal conditions for brain development (in utero and during the formative years)
  • Suboptimal environment (for example, stress and trauma)
  • Genetic inheritance
  • Brain disorders, disease, or injury
  • Mental health disorders
  • Physical health
  • Hormonal fluctuations

There are also a number of lifestyle factors that can impact brain health, including:


  • A poor sleep routine
  • A diet that lacks the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients
  • Lack of exercise (as exercise affects the production of hormones)
  • Substances (including caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and other prescribed and unprescribed drugs)
  • Lack of social contact (impacts hormones)
  • Lack of emotional connectivity
How Phinity Therapy Can Help

At Phinity, we believe in the power of the brain-mind-body connection, which is why we focus on all aspects, taking a truly holistic approach to mental health and wellbeing.  If you have concerns with brain functioning, and health, we will work with you to help increase brain health.

We do this by taking a thorough psychological assessment at your initial session.  This allows us to understand the contextual and lifestyle factors that may need to be addressed.  Once we have this information, we will create a treatment plan, factoring in your needs, for emotional, psychological, brain, and therefore, even physical health.

Your treatment plan may include information about nutrition, supplementation, exercise, as well as talking therapies, depending on your particular needs and goals.

What Causes Sub-optimal Brain Health?How Phinity Therapy Can Help
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Highly recommend for therapy. Life-changing experience!
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4 months ago
Professional, empathetic, and effective therapy.
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James M
5 months ago
I can't thank Phinity Therapy enough for their support and expertise.
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A a
8 months ago
Thanks Rehanna, I feel the best I've felt in YEARS and I've had a few therapists before so that's a credit to you.
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9 months ago
Really grateful for Rehanna's help, and for listening to me, it's really helped.
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9 months ago
Thank you, I feel progress after every session.
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Odessa i
10 months ago
I just want to thank you for helping me to feel again. I numbed myself with medication for so long, I forgot how clear my mind could feel without it and I have been able to feel the good feelings again now too, I feel motivated, something that has been missing for years, I really didn't think I'd ever feel this way again. Thank you so much Rehanna.
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1 year ago
It felt like these sessions were all I had to help me through a really difficult time at work. I honestly don't know how I would have managed without your help and support. I have my family and friends but it's just not the same, I needed a place where it felt safe to be completely open and feel my vulnerability, and you gave me that. Thank you Rehanna.
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Liam E
1 year ago
Great location, easy to access which made it convenient to get therapy during my lunch hour
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Sonia P
1 year ago
Sometimes I wonder what we're going to talk about when nothing has happened in the week but we always seems to go somewhere useful and I leave feeling better. I am dreading the last session next week but you are right, it's an end and a new beginning.
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