CAT Therapy Birmingham

Updated: May 20, 2024

Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) is an increasingly evidenced, short-term, focused approach, originally developed in the UK in the 1980s.


CAT therapy integrates aspects of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic psychotherapies.

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What Is Cognitive Analytic Therapy?

CAT is a therapeutic approach that derives from CBT and psychodynamic psychotherapies. This means that it focuses on current processes and patterns, looking at the ways individuals presently think, feel, and behave, whilst also taking account of the past and how present unhelpful patterns formed and developed.


It is a highly collaborative and relationally oriented approach.  CAT therapy is client driven and the therapeutic relationship is considered important for change.


There is also a focus on how individuals relate to others, and how this also translates to other areas of life. This enlightens to how past and present relationships impact issues, and over time encourages alternative ways of responding, ones that will be more helpful to individuals’ wellbeing.

CAT Therapy Birmingham

About CAT Therapy At Phinity Birmingham

Phinity’s CAT therapists place a keen focus on the therapeutic relationship. This is intended to offer a facilitative space in which you can explore your difficulties, together with your therapist.


You will be guided toward identifying the issues you currently experience as problematic and understanding how they impact your life and wellbeing. CAT therapy aims to help you get at the things that underpin your problems, specifically those rooted in earlier life and relationships. By reviewing these earlier dynamics, you can begin to understand how you related to others when experiencing difficult, intense, and perhaps at times, unmanageable feelings in order to survive.


This can help provide understanding of how these developed strategies may still be holding you back in life. Moreover, how you can ‘exit’ them by learning about other options you have, and new strategies you can take to improve your present life and relationships, and how you can carry this forward beyond therapy. CAT therapy is a time limited therapy and often concludes between 4 and 24 sessions, often around 16. We recommend 50-minute weekly sessions.

Benefits of CAT Therapy


  • Reframe unhelpful patterns that hold you back


  • An integrative approach, incorporating CBT and psychoanalysis for maximum benefit


  • Short term and solution oriented



  • Highly collaborative focus, encouraging development of autonomy and confidence


  • Structured and creative at the same time

What Issues Can Cognitive Analytic Therapy Help With?

CAT therapy can help with several mental health problems, including depression, bipolar, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders, stress, historic abuse, neglect, trauma, eating disorders, addictions, low self-care, low self-esteem, self-harm, borderline personality disorder, bereavement and loss, learning difficulties, anger issues, and relationship and sexual difficulties.

Does Phinity Provide CAT Therapy Near Me?

We offer CAT therapy in Birmingham. Phinity Therapy also serve other cities and countries through our network of qualified therapists.  Online therapy is also available, catering for those who cannot reach our clinic or have busy schedules.


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