ABA Therapy Birmingham

Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) is an interpersonal therapeutic approach that takes a systematic and scientific approach to understanding behaviour. ‘Behaviour’ is understood to be skills and actions we use to communicate, play, and live.

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What Is ABA Therapy?

ABA therapy, otherwise known as Behaviour Analysis is often recommended for children who have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.  This is because ABA aims to aid development of social and emotional skills in children on the spectrum.  ABA is guided by ideas from learning theory.  For example, it pays attention to how learning happens, how the environment impacts behaviour, and how consequences for behaviour can strengthen or weaken it, leading to change.


Interventions help children build their social abilities and achieve improved communication, the ability to complete tasks, and new skills like self-control and self-regulation.  It also teaches children to transfer learned behaviours to new settings, and decrease adverse behaviours like self-harm.

ABA Therapy Birmingham

About ABA Therapy At Phinity Birmingham

Our therapist will use ABA with your child, in a one-to-one format. During ABA therapy sessions your child will learn how to adjust to social situations that they normally may not understand.  Our ABA therapists will utilise positive reinforcement, this is a proven technique which demonstrates that when an individual is recognised and rewarded for an action, they are more likely to repeat the behaviour.  Thus ABA therapy gradually encourages your child toward desired behaviours.


Conversely, ABA also teaches about the consequences of negative behaviour with the view to discourage these.  ABA therapy helps children understand the consequences of positive and negative behaviours. This allows your child to learn what is, and is not socially acceptable. The aim being that your child can transfer this learning to the real world and be better prepared in all kinds of situations, be that at school, or with family.


Before your child begins ABA therapy at Phinity Birmingham, our therapist will wish to learn about what your child struggles with the most, and what you want for your child.  This will inform the individualised behaviour goals and treatment plan, which can be adjusted as goals are met or unmet.  ABA is an intensive treatment and sessions can be between 10 to 30 per week.

Benefits of ABA Therapy


  • Improve language development and communication


  • Improve intellectual ability


  • Gain day-to-day living skills


  • Improve social skills


  • Better emotional skills


  • Achieve transferable skills

What Issues Can ABA Therapy Help With?

ABA therapy is useful for a number of issues, and is not restricted to children.  It can also be helpful with adults who experience autism symptoms, or other behavioural ‘disorders’.  For example, it has been known to treat depression, severe anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), phobias, anger, and of course autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

Does Phinity Provide ABA Therapy Near Me?

We offer ABA therapy in Birmingham.  Phinity Therapy also serves other cities and countries through our network of qualified therapists.  Online therapy is also available, catering for those who cannot reach our clinic or have busy schedules.


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