Family Therapy Birmingham

Updated: July 23, 2022

Family therapy is a type of psychological psychotherapy that aims to help family members communicate more effectively and resolve tensions and disagreements.


Family, or systemic therapists might be psychologists, clinical social workers, or licensed therapists who work with couples or families to help improve interactions and foster improved relationships.

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What Is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a form of psychological counselling.  A family counsellor facilitates the exploration and expression of feelings and concerns that exist between families, all in a safe, non-judgemental place.  Some of the goals of family therapy are to build and maintain healthy boundaries, to improve communication and unity, and to encourage problem-solving by gaining better understanding of the existing dynamics.


There are several models family therapist draw from.  Some of the main techniques include: structural, strategic, psychoeducation, relationship, and systematic.  Behavioural techniques also help teach skills and psychoeducation for specific problems, for example, role-playing and modelling can help family members learn ways to resolve communication issues.

Family Therapy Birmingham

About Family Counselling Birmingham At Phinity

Our family counsellors are experienced in working with families and couples who are undergoing relationship problems. They will help you to communicate better, problem-solve, and learn how to work together.


Sometimes the issues may not be easy to resolve, so family therapy can teach you skills to help you navigate situations in healthier ways. Our therapists will attempt to help all family members explore their beliefs and relationships to better understand the issues they experience.


We will work with you to help you discuss the differences and difficulties you face in your relationship dynamics, and aim to improve communication so that you can find a way forward, together.


Family counselling doesn’t have to take a long time.  It can last anywhere between 8 and 14 sessions, sometimes more, depending on the issues and goals for therapy.  Sessions are 50 minutes and held once a week, at the same time and day.


Our family therapists may work in one of the following ways: 


Psychodynamic Therapy will focus on uncovering historic issues that are causing disturbances and problems for all family members in the here and now.  Your therapist will help guide you and work through these issues.


Systemic Family Therapy explores how families relate to one another, so issues can be addressed.  Our therapist will work with your family to understand individuals’ specific issues, behaviours, and patterns, to uncover how this impacts the family unit.  All members are given equal opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings and what they believe are causing the problems.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) facilitates change in behaviour by getting family members to develop a more balanced thought process by looking for evidence instead of relying on feelings and therefore preventing unhealthy automatic responses.  Expect this approach to challenge your understanding of why you respond as you do. Usually, the therapist will assign ‘homework’ in between session.


Supportive Family Therapy delves into the feelings of all members of the family, allowing each member to feel heard in a non-judgemental environment. Everyone has the opportunity to bring forth their issues and concerns and be guided by the therapist.

Benefits Of Family Therapy Birmingham

  • Learn how to better communicate


  • Improve relationship dynamics


  • Learn to enjoy each other


  • A holistic approach to therapy, aimed to improve the family system


  • Build and maintain healthy boundaries


  • Learn skills to carry forward


  • Experience more positive relationships


  • Gain understanding of family dynamics for improvement

What Issues Can Family Counselling Help With?

Family therapy aims to address specific problems which impact the functioning and wellbeing of the family.  It can be used to help families through acute difficult periods, a stressful transition, relationship difficulties, or mental or behavioural issues affecting family members.

Does Phinity Provide Family Therapy Near Me?

We offer family therapy in Birmingham.


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