Registered Psychologist

Due to continued expansion, we have an exciting opportunity for a warm, dependable, self-employed clinical psychologist (HCPC/BPS registered) to work from our private rooms in Harley Street.

You will commit to a minimum of 5 hours (preferably including evening 5/6 – 9pm where client demand is greatest). There is scope for full-time hours.

We facilitate clinical practice by operating therapy rooms in desirable locations, generating a steady stream of new referrals and providing administrative support, if desired, for new and existing clients.

Harley Therapy can, therefore, enable you to do what you are best at – offering psychological therapy.

You have at least 5 years of clinical work experience as a psychologist; You have experience of working in the NHS;You exercise full clinical responsibility for your clients' care and can set out and hold boundaries with clients including adhering to regular weekly sessions and a cancellation policy.;You have regular supervision, and are insured to practice privately.;You should see the clinical importance and value of being loyal, hard-working and committed to clients and to your professional development.2022-06-17 08:11:41

Some people that could benefit from therapy are put off by the long NHS referral times and the expense of turning to private health care. However, health insurance can cover the complete cost of therapy treatments.;
Recognising the important role therapy can play in recovery and wellbeing, insurers are increasingly including them in their policies. Therapy can be used for a range of purposes, as either standalone treatment or to complement other medical treatment being given. Insurance can give you access to treatment options that might otherwise have been inaccessible to you, aiding your overall health.;
It’s not just niche health insurance companies that can cover therapy treatment either, among the leading insurers AVIVA, Cigna, Vitality Health, Bupa, WPA, Allianz, and Axa PPP, all offer a level of cover within some of their policies. As a result, it’s worthwhile calling your health insurance provider to see if your agreement covers therapy if there’s a treatment that you could benefit from.