Psychological & Therapeutic Media Services

Media psychologists and psychotherapists offer various psychological and therapeutic services to media organisations for information purposes, and to protect the welfare of people.  Services can be across TV, printed press and radio, Phinity’s Clinical Director Rehanna Kauser is actively engaged with writing, producing content & being a guest speaker on podcasts based on mental health.

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What Is Psychologist Media Services?

A suitably qualified psychological practitioner can assist by assessing risk, offering counselling services, and providing professional advice.  These services include:


  • Psychological commentary on TV shows


  • Discuss impact of mental health due to certain events


  • Assessing Psychological health & risk management for film and TV


  • Attending events and providing workshops
About Psychologist Media Services At Phinity Therapy

Media psychologist work with PR agencies on their campaigns, this could be for SME business or major brands. Their expertise are used to carry out deep dives into analysing and converting these findings into meaningful data that is beneficial to the brand.


  • We offer various media services: risk assessments and advice, for example, reality TV shows feature everyday people who may not be aware of the repercussions of appearing on TV, or in other cases, there might be shows in which younger actors are filming scenes of a disturbing, or adult nature, or indeed, actors might be working with themes that they themselves have been affected by (e.g., abuse)


  • Spokesperson for PR agencies


  • Mediation services


  • Information relating to psychological issues, this can be for character development, or script writing, etc


  • Onscreen/offscreen commentary for factual based programmes


  • Counselling services


  • Develop psychological questionnaires


  • Writing articles for print media and online



Phinity also work with SME businesses as well as larger corporate clients, helping them in the following ways:


  • Gaining understanding on consumer (audience) & market behaviour


  • Provide insights into how your branding can better communicate more humanistic values to connect with your audience


  • Provide input to align advertisement with your brand’s humanistic values


We work with multiple internal departments and organisations that need expert psychological input, e.g., such as R&D, marketing, campaign managers, UX designers.

Benefits Of Media Services
  • Improve access to mental health services and show staff they are valued


  • Optimal mental health for more motivated, better quality and easier production of shows and talent


  • When staff feel valued, this is more likely to be reflected in their work


  • Be well informed to prevent issues


  • Conflict resolution, saving production costs


  • Safeguard those you work with


  • Exemplify ethical core values and work ethos


  • Increase viewership by offering interesting, educational, and accurate psychological information
What Issues Can Media Services Help With?

Phinity recognise the power and use of psychology; and how this has shaped not only our private clients’ lives, but the positive impact it can have on a business if applied in a focused, passionate, and ethical way.


We love working with businesses that have ethical values at the centre of what they do. Everything we do at Phinity starts with the client, by us understanding how to apply our expertise in the most ethical way, we ensure that we live up to one of the core pillars, being humanistic.


We offer various media services: risk assessments and advice, mediation services, information relating to psychological issues, onscreen commentary for factual based programmes, and counselling services.

Mental Health Issues

We are proud to connect you with highly experienced practitioners who can help with almost any psychological issue.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that is characterised by extreme mood swings that oscillate between mania and deep depression which is why it was once known as manic depression. The word ‘mania’ comes from Greek and means ‘madness’.  To people who witness it, bipolar looks like extreme highs and lows.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)
Brain Health

Life is challenging, so it’s normal to feel low at times.  If however, you’re feeling sad, apathetic, and hopeless for a prolonged period, you may be depressed, and this impacts functioning.  And although depression is a natural response to difficulties, it can be treated.

Fear Of Public Speaking (Glossophobia)

A fear of public speaking, or ‘Glossophobia’ is a very common form of social anxiety, thought to impact almost 75% of the population.  For those affected, the idea of public speaking can fill them with anxiety and fear.

Male Mental Health
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