Autism Support For Adults

Having an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), or being neurodiverse means you may experience difficulties in areas like social interaction and communication, have a fixed thinking style, repetitive behaviours, few interests, obsessive tendencies, difficulty with change, problems with emotional regulation, and sensory problems (like over or under sensitivity to light, sound, or colour).

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What Is Autism Support For Adults?

All of those on the autism spectrum have their own unique experience of autism, which varies from person to person, and can be different in men and women.


Getting the right support will help you unlock a better understanding of your symptoms and change behaviours so that day to day life will be less challenging in ways.


We establish strategies and goals so that you can enhance your communication skills in social settings, understand what others are trying to convey and express yourself better, this will greatly impact your overall life quality and experience.

Autism Support for Adults
About Autism Support for Adults At Phinity Birmingham

Currently, we do not offer testing for autism. If however, you have been diagnosed, we can support you using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).


This helps us get a deeper understanding of your thoughts and how you feel as this is what impacts and influences behaviour.  Through the process of therapy you can gain a richer understanding about yourself, and how you interact and perceive others’ communication.


Ultimately, our aim is to work with you step by step so you can start to progress towards a happier life.  We recommend weekly therapy sessions, which last 50 minutes.

Benefits of Autism Support For Adults
  • Gain awareness of your triggers


  • Learn to manage stressful situations


  • Learn how to manage difficult scenarios


  • Enhance the quality of communication and social interactions with friends and family


  • Adjust unhelpful ways of thinking, such as negative thinking, irrational thoughts, or black and white thinking



  • Enhance life and wellbeing
What Issues Can Autism Support For Adults Help With?

Having access to the right autism services is key.  It can help individuals feel more in control, feel better understood, and therefore, feel happier.


You can learn to better understand yourself and others, whether they are family, friends, or others that you come across daily.  As you learn strategies and gain insights, week by week , you will begin to understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  This will facilitate a fuller, more satisfying life.

Does Phinity Provide Autism Support For Adults Near Me?

We offer autism support for adults in Birmingham.  Phinity Therapy also serve other cities and countries through our network of qualified therapists.  Online therapy is also available, catering for those who cannot reach our clinic or have busy schedules.


Make a commitment to taking control and living the life you want and deserve.  Start by booking your Free Initial Consultation Today and speak to one of our friendly principal therapists about your concerns and desired goals.


You can alternatively fill in our contact form located on our About Us page, or give us a call.


*Due to limited time slot availability caused by high demand, we now offer only one Free Initial Consultation for prospective clients, further conversations are charged at our normal rate.

Mental Health Issues

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental condition that is sometimes referred to as hyperkinetic disorder.  It is less diagnosed in women than men, and around 3-5% of children and 2% of adults are thought to be impacted by it.  In the UK, ADHD only became recognised as a valid condition in 2000 when the National Institute of Clinical Excellence released their report on the condition.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental condition that occurs due to differences in the brain, otherwise known as neurodiversity.  Neurodivergent people who are ‘on the spectrum’ will often experience problems with social communication and interaction.  Neurotypical people (that is, those who do not have an ASD) may find it difficult to understand the behaviours of those affected by autism.


Life is challenging, so it’s normal to feel low at times.  If however, you’re feeling sad, apathetic, and hopeless for a prolonged period, you may be depressed, and this impacts functioning.  And although depression is a natural response to difficulties, it can be treated.

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